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New Mexico's Corrupt Judiciary


A Preview of Graft and Corruption in the Judiciary in New Mexico

Most Corrupt Judges in New Mexico

1. Chief Justice Richard Bosson, New Mexico Supreme Court
2. Chief Judge Michael Bustamante, New Mexico Court of Appeals
3. Chief Judge Michael Kavanaugh, 2nd Judicial District Court of New Mexico
4. Children's Court Judge Geraldine Rivera, 2nd Judicial DIstrict Court of New Mexico
5. Chief Judge John Brennan, 2nd Judicial District Court of New Mexico
6. Chief Judge Thomas Fitch, 7th Judicial District Court of New Mexico

The Judicial Standards Commission of the State of New Mexico

The Judicial Standards Commission of the State of New Mexico (JSC), created by amending the Constitution of New Mexico, was supposed to prevent graft and corruption in the judiciary in New Mexico.  It was also supposed to make sure that judges carried out fair, independent, unbiased and impartial justice.  It didn't work.  The JSC is nothing more than a political organization - or political action committee - made up of politically-appointed political cronies with too much power over the judiciary in New Mexico.  Its existance has politicized the judicial system and caused the judiciary to lose its fairness and independence in New Mexico.  The system of justice in New Mexico is now under the absolute control of politicians and political attorneys.  Rather than being fair, unbiased, independent and impartial, judges in New Mexico now have to make sure that their judicial decisions do not upset the members of the Judicial Standards Commission.  They do not want to face the rath of the JSC by making decisions that the JSC does not agree with.  After all, the JSC excerts a lot of influence over the Supreme Court which presumably has superintending control over the New Mexico judiciary.  Keep in mind that Supreme Court justices can also be investigated and removed by the JSC.

The Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission of the State of New Mexico

The Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission (JPEC), another politically-appointed political action group, intimidates judges to the point that they have become worthless in their capacity as judges.  The JPEC sends out questionaires to attorneys, law clerks, legal assistants, clerical workers, court clerks, law librarians and their fellow judges asking for them to evaluate the performance of the judges.  Disgruntled former employees of the judges and upset attorneys who have appeared before the judges are given the opportunity to "evaluate" these same judges.  The JPEC crosses the line by interviewing the former law clerks of judges.  At election time, the JPEC endorses some judicial candidates and opposes others in the same manner as any other political action committees.  Judges are more interested in "impressing" the JPEC and the JSC than in delivering fair, independent, unbiased and impartial justice.

2nd Judicial District Judge Geraldine Rivera is accused of meeting ex-parte with attorneys and parties to a lawsuit that she presided over

Complaints against 2nd Judicial District Court Judge Geraldine Rivera were filed with the Judicial Standards Commission of the State of New Mexico over four years ago.  The complaints allege that Judge Rivera, whose Brother, Robert Rivera, is a powerful politician in Santa Fe, met ex-parte with the attorneys and named parties to a lawsuit while she was presiding over the trial of that same lawsuit.  The lawsuit involved the Bank of New York, the corruption-infested Region III Housing Authority of New Mexico and its executive director Vincent "Smiley" Gallegos.  It was also alleged that Judge Rivera or a member of her family received valuable consideration in return for making a favorable decision in the case.  The allegations stem from her decision to release almost half a million dollars of the Bank's money to Gallegos being held by her in the case.  It seems that the JSC cannot find the complaints now after four years.  Here in America we are presumed innocent until proven guilty so we must not cast any aspersions as to Judge Rivera's guilt or innocence merely because complaints were filed against her.  If she is not guilty, she has a right to be cleared by the JSC of any wrongdoing.  On the other hand, if she is guilty, the people deserve to have her removed from the bench.

Footnote: Vincent "Smiley" Gallegos - who ended up with almost a half million dollars from the Bank of New York because of Judge Rivera's decision in the case - provided a free home for House Speaker Ben Lujan's chief administrative assistant shortly after receiving the almost one half million dollars from the Bank of New York.  The Bank of New York was abiding by the Court Order signed by Judge Rivera.  New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson appointed Gallegos to the position of executive director of the Regional Housing Authority of New Mexico.  Judge Rivera's brother, Robert Rivera, works for Gov. Richardson.  Geraldine Rivera, Robert Rivera, Gov. Richardson, Lujan and Gallegos are all longtime friends.  Gallegos, Speaker Lujan, Judge Rivera and Judge Rivera's Brother, Robert, have all been very close friends ever since Gallegos was a state legislator.  No one knows what Gallegos did with the almost half million dollars.   There is no record or money trail showing where it went.

Judge Geraldine Rivera who is a civil court judge has apparently been appointed to several family court cases in violation of the laws for Bernalillo County that require all family court cases to be heard either by a family court judge or by an alternate judge designated by Chief Judge Lang. At this point in time there is no alternate judge appointed for family court cases.
  • here is an example of the kind of disaster that occurs when a civil court judge hears a family court matter.

Do you have information of concern or have you filed a complaint to an official regarding this Judge? CFJ would like to know! Please contact us via email class telephone (505) 319-3486, or postal mail at P.O. Box 21996, Albuquerque, NM 87154. Help us root out problem persons in the court system!

Insider: "Judges Bosson, Bustamante and Rivera succeed in "Getting Rid" of Appeals Court Judge Ira Robinson."

It is our understanding that federal prosecutors and federal investigators are looking into some very serious allegations being made against New Mexico Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard Bosson, New Mexico Appeals Court Chief Judge Michael Bustamante and 2nd Judicial District Judge Geraldine Rivera.  It is being alleged that these three New Mexico judges have been meeting and communicating on a regular basis with New Mexico House speaker Ben Lujan, former state Regional Housing director Vincent "Smiley' Gallegos, attorneys Noel and Roybal from the Judicial Standards Commission, and Judge Rivera's Brother, Robert Rivera in an effort to "get rid of" certain judges, including Appeals Court Judge Ira Robinson.  Judges Rivera, Bustamante and Bosson have, in the past, been involved in scandals of their own.

The Judicial Standards Commission has allowed judges to retire from the Bench without having to suffer any consequences for judicial misconduct.  To name a few: 2nd Judicial District Judge Michael Kavanaugh; 2nd Judicial District Judge John Brennan; and 7th Judicial District Judge Tom Fitch.

If you have any additional information regarding allegations of graft and corruption against any of these judges or any other judges in New Mexico please send it to: